Whether you need one attorney or a team of one hundred, we are here to help.

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Legal Staffing

Now in our second decade, Lexolution has been redefining the level of quality expected of a full service legal staffing solution.

Your clients expect the highest level of professionalism from you. Shouldn’t you expect that from your legal staffing vendor? Lexolution is your choice for a consolidated approach to eDiscovery.

  • Project Management
  • Contract Legal Staff
  • Dedicated Review Facilities
  • Foreign Language Review and Translation Services

Lexolution has become a leader in the legal staffing industry by delivering the highest quality results with top-notch service in a cost conscious manner.

The Lexolution Difference

Anyone can send you a resume. But Lexolution does more. We work with you in a way that feels different and feels right.

Why? It's because we've actually done the work you're doing. It's also because we've been in the legal staffing industry for so many years. It's because we listen carefully to you to help you find what you're looking for. It's because, whether you are a new client or one who has known us for many years, we care. It's all about working hard to serve your needs well. With professionalism. With dedication. With respect.

Even after the placement, we stay connected. We answer your questions, and we offer our advice when it's needed. We make sure everything is going the way it's supposed to. And of course, we love to hear from our clients that everything is running smoothly.

We can meet all of your legal staffing needs. Even the ones you haven't thought about. All it takes is a phone call.

Our Commitment to Client Service is Unparalleled